Thursday, November 5, 2015

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Setting Antenna Tuner

berikut adalah suatu (dari banyak) cara untuk setting antenna tuner:
1. sambung semua pendawaian
- ground semuanya - radio, tuner (dan power supply)
- sambung bekalan kuasa ke radio, jangan on lagi
- pasang mic/PTT (atau key), speaker ke radio
- pasang antenna bersama transmission line (obviously and balun too)
- sambung ke soket "antenna" di tuner
- patch cord dari soket "transmitter" (di tuner) ke radio (transmitter soket, "antenna")
- switch on lampu shack, kalau gelap la, kerja dalam gelap ni tak elok kecuali sesetengah jenis kerja saja.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Amateur Radio Basic principles

Amateur Radio Basic principles as in the IARU Guidelines

that should govern our code of conduct on the ham bands are:
− Social feeling, feeling of brotherhood, brotherly spirit:
large numbers of us are all playing radio on the same airwaves (our playing field). We are never alone. All other hams are our colleagues, our brothers and sisters, our friends.
Act accordingly. Always be considerate.
not all hams necessarily share your opinions, and your opinions may also not be the
best ones. Understand there are other people with different
opinions on a given subject. Be tolerant. This world is not for you exclusively.
never use rude language or abusive words on the bands. Such behaviour says nothing about the person it is addressed to, but a lot about the person behaving that way. Keep yourself under control at all times.
please understand that not everyone is as smart, as professional or as much an expert as you. If you want to do something about it, act positively
(how can I help, how can I correct, how can I teach) rather than negatively (cursing, insulting etc.).

Monday, April 15, 2013

Promoting Amateur Radio Directional Finding in Malaysia |

Dear Hunters,

The Penang ARDF Community will be hosting this year’s Amateur Radio Directional Finding Event.

Date : Sunday – June 30th, 2013
Time : 8:00 am
Venue : Penang Island

Bulletin1 has been issued. For more information, please click on the link below.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sumbangan Kasih untuk Pak Eshee 9M2FK

sumber MARES

Berita tentang Pak Eshee 9M2FK .. Elmer dari Penang... gambaq banner aku kat atas tu kat shack dia.. Sama-sama kita bantu sekadar termampu dan  kita doakan semoga Pak Eshee semakin sihat dan kembali ke udara... Amiiinn...

Written by MARES Newsdesk   
Monday, 06 February 2012 21:44
Assalamualaikum wrt dan Salam Sejahtera,

Ramai telah sedia maklum bahawa 9M2FK Pak Eshee telah diserang penyakit angin ahmar (stroke) tahun lalu. Beliau masih lagi uzur berlanjutan dari serangan tersebut. Sekarang ini Pak Eshee terlantar di katil dijaga oleh isterinya. Anak beliau masih belajar lagi katanya.

Bagi yang belum mengenali Pak Eshee, beliau adalah di antara Elmers yang senior di Malaysia. Beliau juga telah beberapa kali memainkan peranan menyelamatkan nyawa mereka yang berhadapan malang melalui radio amatur. Di antara yang diketahui umum adalah kapal layar hanyut di perairan Mukah Head, dan juga pendaki Himalaya di Tibet.

Kita telah dimaklumkan bahawa kos pembiayaan makanan Pak Eshee adalah RM 800 sebulan, kerana beliau makan makanan khas melalui tiub. Oleh itu, kita berhasrat untuk membuat sumbangan bulanan bagi meringankan beban yang ditanggung oleh isteri dan keluarganya. Oleh itu kami menyeru kepada rakan2 yang lebih bernasib baik untuk menyumbang RM10 sebulan selama yang mampu. Kita berharap dengan sumbangan RM10 sebulan di darab dengan sejumlah penyumbang ianya akan menjadi jumlah yang dapat membantu keluar Pak Eshee setiap bulan.

Sumbangan boleh disalurkan terus kepada anak beliau di:
     Noor Aisyah Somkam Bt. Ismail      BSN  A/C NO: 07106-29-00002963-1

Terima kasih dan jasa baik tuan puan hanya Tuhan yang membalas. Hanya RM 10 sebulan.

73 88.
de MARES Malaysia

(Sila FORWARD kepada rakan2 lain untuk tindakan lanjut)

Click Read More for ENGLISH announcement.

Assalamualaikum wrt and a warm greetings,

Many may have realized that 9M2FK Eshee suffered a stroke attack last year. He is still unwell from stroke. Right now, Eshee is bedridden in care by his wife. His children are still in school.To those that hasn't known Eshee, he is one of the very senior Elmers in Malaysia. He has played a primary role in several life saving situations via amateur radio. Among those well know were an adrift yacht in Mukah Head waters, and an injured Himalayan climber in Tibet.

We were informed that his special nutrient cost for Eshee is around RM 800 a month, as he is being fed via tube. Therefore, we intent to initiate a monthly contribution to ease the financial burden of his wife and family. We are calling to all more fortunate friends to donate RM 10 every month for as long as we possibly could. We hope that the RM 10 a month multiplied by all the donors would total to a sum that will help Eshee and family every month.

Donation can be made direct via Eshee's daughter at:

Name: Noor Aisyah Somkam Bt Ismail
Bank: Bank Simpanan Nasional
A/C no: 07106-29-00002963-1

Oursincere thanks and appreciation and may God repay your kindness. Only RM 10 a month.

73 88
de MARES Malaysia
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Last Updated on Monday, 06 February 2012 21:51

Friday, February 11, 2011

Malaysian Radio Amateur callbook

9m2cio: untuk membuat carian dan senaskah database Malaysian callbook, sila singgah di

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

9W2ACY-9 on testing mode...

hi all.. its been awhile since i moved to putrajaya.. i have been silent on the wave.. it is because most of my rig hase been sold off.. just left me 1 handy n 1 aprs kit... few days ago i switch on n hooked  my aprs kit to an antenna at my base just to test whether it is still working properly.. so far it still working.. just as i left it before i took it off my jalopy... maybe in this few days.. it will find it way back to my jalopy...

setup :

Kenwood Tk508
vr7a 5/8 antenna at about 20' from ground.. ( at my balkoni)
power : 5w

I have another aprs kit (OT/2) which i suppose to hook it to my garmin nuvi 350. but since i moved here.. i got no time to work on it. may be soon it will also found it way to my another jalopy.. :) hopefully... maybe i'm goin to meet up with fellow aprs enthusiast around klang valley to get some help n advise regarding setting up the OT2 n nuvi 350...  until then.. c u all further down the log.. 73 & 88...

de 9w2acy

Monday, September 20, 2010

my new URL

fren n fellow HAM... now u all can acces my blog using this url :

73 & 88

de 9w2acy, jon

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Melaka Historical Fox Hunt

The Malacca boys will be having the Malacca Open on the September 26th, 2010. Invitation is now open to all hams. So it is time to clear out the cobwebs from your ARDF hunting equipment and start training for this event.
Melaka Historical Fox Hunt 26/09/2010
Written by Administrator
Monday, 16 August 2010 09:21

Website Ref:   Http://

Event Date     :  26/09/2010 (Sunday)

Registration   :  7:30am-9:00am

Hunting Time   :  9:30am-12:30pm

Hunt Result    :  2:00pm

Starting Point :  Menara Taming Sari

Purpose for the Event
This event is held by M.A.R.C (Melaka Amateur Radio Community). It shall be a day for eyeball and getting together of Hams and SWLs. All are welcome to participate in this fun of hunting “Foxes”. For other state participant, you may also enjoy getting to know Melaka famous historical places.

Hunting Tool & Requirement
Fox Hunter shall be well equip with his own hunting tools, although there is no limitation on the tool itself but do consider the weight & portability. We do encourage hunter to use own homebrew tools rather than commercial available unit to show the spirit & capability of the hunter itself.

Hunting Location
It is located in the city of the Melaka historical area;
there shall be 3KM radius from the starting point which is Menara Taming Sari

Participant registration
Early bird RM30.00 (before 19/09/2010), after which is RM40.00
by Bank-in & email or fax prove of bank slip, registration form can be download here.

Fox Hunt Prizes

First Prize       :  RM300.00 + Gold Trophy

Second Prize      :  RM200.00 + Silver Trophy

Third Prize       :  RM100.00 + Bronze Trophy

Consolation Prize :  Hampers / Goodies

Bank  details for registration
UOB Bank A/C no   :  385-6603982-5

Account name      :  Tan Ah Poh

Payment method   : cash only,

after which please email or fax  your bank-in slip together with registration form to ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. ) You need JavaScript enabled to view it or  Fax no: 06-335 3250. You should get a confirmation reply within 48 hours, if not please give a call to our treasurer Mr. D.S. Ng at 019-662 9990. For those using internet banking funds transfer, please capture the transferred screen image & email it to us

Fox Hunting Rules
  1. Each individual or group participant are allowed to have ONE receiver and ONE set of antenna only. No prompting among each group or individual is allowed because we want to have a fair competition for everyone to enjoy. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified. You will be given 3 hours for the hunt, so please observed the time limit. Latecomers will not be entertained. Participants are supposed to find the “MARKER” and not the transmitters. The MARKER consists of a flag sign and a small tag reader box. The participants need to scan (Touch & Go) their ID Tag to the reader box, a BEEP sound indicate the hunter ID had been captured by the system and they may proceed to hunt the next available fox’s. If this is the final fox then your hunt had been completed and you must kept your ID Tag for prize declare verification. Please wait for the result announcement.

Accommodation & vehicle parking
Any outstation participant who require lodging service may try to contact below for arrangement. Please notice that we only provide reference for your convenient and we are not affiliate with any of them. You need to deal with them by your own. These hotel are located just a walking distance to the Fox Hunt starting point.

1) … Hash house Hotel   (N 02′11.365′ E 102′14.729′)  Tel: 06-2922299
2) … Fenix Inn Hotel      (N 02′11.351′ E 102.15.195′)  Tel: 06-2815510

For those who driving here, shall need to pay for parking fees. The all zone whole day parking rate of RM5.00 per coupon can be bought from our committee Mr. Danny for your convenient.
If hourly rate parking preferred then just go to nearby shop outlet to purchase it.

Declaration & Indemnity
All participant are agreed not to hold the organizers responsible for any losses, injuries or mishaps that may happen to themselves or those accompanying with them during the event due to act of God or negligence.

News courtesy of Musang

Friday, August 20, 2010

Got few Ham Radio items for sale...

Icom IC-V8000 VHF Transceiver (2 unit, 1 booked)   SOLD

Siam Made Power Supply 30A


Double 5/8 Special Antenna + 5D coax (25 M)   SOLD

Slim jim antenna (rewired at the feed point)


Toesu BC100 Base Antenna  SOLD

All item COD only...
Location : Penang

Reason Of Sale : Moving... need to reduce item and need some $$$ :)

Further infoCall my henfon : o12 462 nine 88 nine

Got few Ham Radio items for sale...

Icom IC-V8000 VHF Transceiver (2 unit, 1 booked)
Siam Made Power Supply 30A

Double 5/8 Special Antenna + 5D coax (25 M)
Slim jim antenna (rewired at the feed point)
Toesu BC100 Base Antenna

All item COD only...
Location : Penang

Reason Of Sale : Moving... need to reduce item and need some $$$ :)

Further infoCall my henfon : o12 462 nine 88 nine