Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri...


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Calling Channel

Kali ni chek post dalam bahasa Melayu... musim perayaan menjelang tiba... Aidil Fitri tak lama lagi.. terbaca satu post do blog Kak Yong yang ada menyebut sedikit tentang calling channel... so rakan2 apakah calling channel yang akan digunakan.. hari raya nanti mungkin saya mungkin akan byk travel... so seperti kata kak yong, kita mungkin akan terserempak dengan rakan2 radio yg lain di jalanan... so insyaAllah kita jumpa di frekuensi... saya akan monitor 145.500 @ mana-mana repeater yg ada @ simplek2 yang selalu digunakan dikawasan sekitar.... :)


de 9W2ACY

A bit off topic from Radio stuff.. :)

All these days we have been receiving chain email saying this and that... but today i got this email below... its an email from someone that pissoff with the chain email... but some of what he is saying is a fact... here i paste the email that i receive..  

"...Hello, my name is Billy and I suffer from guilt for not forwarding 50 billion fucking chain letters sent to me by people who actually believe, if you send them on, a poor six-year-old girl in Scotland with a breast on her forehead will be able to raise enough money to have it removed before her redneck parents sell her to a travelling freak show.  

And, do you honestly believe that Bill Gates is going to give $1000 to you, and everyone to whom you send 'his' email? 

How stupid are we? 

Ooooh, looky here! If I scroll down this page and make a wish, I'll get laid by a model I just happen to run into the next day!  

What a bunch of bullshit. 

Maybe the evil chain letter leprechauns will come into my house and s*d*m*s* me in my sleep for not continuing a chain letter that was started by St Peter in 5AD and brought to this country by midget pilgrim stowaways on the Endeavour.  

F**k 'em!! 

If you're going to forward something, at least send me something mildly amusing. 

I've seen all the 'send this to 10 of your closest friends, and this poor, wretched excuse for a human being will somehow receive a nickel from some omniscient being' forwards about 90 times. I don't fucking care.  

Show a little intelligence and think about what you're actually contributing to by sending out these forwards. Chances are, it's our own unpopularity. 

The point being? 

If you get some chain letter that's threatening to leave you shagless or luckless for the rest of your life, delete it.  

If it's funny, send it on. 

Don't piss people off by making them feel guilty about a leper in  Botswana  with no teeth who has been tied to the arse of a dead elephant for 27 years and whose only salvation is the 5 cents per letter he'll receive if you forward this email.  

Now forward this to everyone you know. Otherwise, tomorrow morning your underwear will turn carnivorous and will consume your genitals. 

Have a nice day. 

Billy Connolly 

PS Send me 15 bucks and then f**k off. "...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramadan Al- Mubarak...

Bulan Ramadan kembali lagi... Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan selamat Berpuasa kepada semua umat islam dimana jua anda berada. Biarlah sepanjang Ramadan ini kita penuhi aktiviti kita dengan perkara-perkara yang diberkati Allah dan tidak menjejaskan puasa kita. Semoga puasa kita diterima oleh Nya... Amin....