Monday, September 20, 2010

my new URL

fren n fellow HAM... now u all can acces my blog using this url :

73 & 88

de 9w2acy, jon

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Melaka Historical Fox Hunt

The Malacca boys will be having the Malacca Open on the September 26th, 2010. Invitation is now open to all hams. So it is time to clear out the cobwebs from your ARDF hunting equipment and start training for this event.
Melaka Historical Fox Hunt 26/09/2010
Written by Administrator
Monday, 16 August 2010 09:21

Website Ref:   Http://

Event Date     :  26/09/2010 (Sunday)

Registration   :  7:30am-9:00am

Hunting Time   :  9:30am-12:30pm

Hunt Result    :  2:00pm

Starting Point :  Menara Taming Sari

Purpose for the Event
This event is held by M.A.R.C (Melaka Amateur Radio Community). It shall be a day for eyeball and getting together of Hams and SWLs. All are welcome to participate in this fun of hunting “Foxes”. For other state participant, you may also enjoy getting to know Melaka famous historical places.

Hunting Tool & Requirement
Fox Hunter shall be well equip with his own hunting tools, although there is no limitation on the tool itself but do consider the weight & portability. We do encourage hunter to use own homebrew tools rather than commercial available unit to show the spirit & capability of the hunter itself.

Hunting Location
It is located in the city of the Melaka historical area;
there shall be 3KM radius from the starting point which is Menara Taming Sari

Participant registration
Early bird RM30.00 (before 19/09/2010), after which is RM40.00
by Bank-in & email or fax prove of bank slip, registration form can be download here.

Fox Hunt Prizes

First Prize       :  RM300.00 + Gold Trophy

Second Prize      :  RM200.00 + Silver Trophy

Third Prize       :  RM100.00 + Bronze Trophy

Consolation Prize :  Hampers / Goodies

Bank  details for registration
UOB Bank A/C no   :  385-6603982-5

Account name      :  Tan Ah Poh

Payment method   : cash only,

after which please email or fax  your bank-in slip together with registration form to ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. ) You need JavaScript enabled to view it or  Fax no: 06-335 3250. You should get a confirmation reply within 48 hours, if not please give a call to our treasurer Mr. D.S. Ng at 019-662 9990. For those using internet banking funds transfer, please capture the transferred screen image & email it to us

Fox Hunting Rules
  1. Each individual or group participant are allowed to have ONE receiver and ONE set of antenna only. No prompting among each group or individual is allowed because we want to have a fair competition for everyone to enjoy. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified. You will be given 3 hours for the hunt, so please observed the time limit. Latecomers will not be entertained. Participants are supposed to find the “MARKER” and not the transmitters. The MARKER consists of a flag sign and a small tag reader box. The participants need to scan (Touch & Go) their ID Tag to the reader box, a BEEP sound indicate the hunter ID had been captured by the system and they may proceed to hunt the next available fox’s. If this is the final fox then your hunt had been completed and you must kept your ID Tag for prize declare verification. Please wait for the result announcement.

Accommodation & vehicle parking
Any outstation participant who require lodging service may try to contact below for arrangement. Please notice that we only provide reference for your convenient and we are not affiliate with any of them. You need to deal with them by your own. These hotel are located just a walking distance to the Fox Hunt starting point.

1) … Hash house Hotel   (N 02′11.365′ E 102′14.729′)  Tel: 06-2922299
2) … Fenix Inn Hotel      (N 02′11.351′ E 102.15.195′)  Tel: 06-2815510

For those who driving here, shall need to pay for parking fees. The all zone whole day parking rate of RM5.00 per coupon can be bought from our committee Mr. Danny for your convenient.
If hourly rate parking preferred then just go to nearby shop outlet to purchase it.

Declaration & Indemnity
All participant are agreed not to hold the organizers responsible for any losses, injuries or mishaps that may happen to themselves or those accompanying with them during the event due to act of God or negligence.

News courtesy of Musang

Friday, August 20, 2010

Got few Ham Radio items for sale...

Icom IC-V8000 VHF Transceiver (2 unit, 1 booked)   SOLD

Siam Made Power Supply 30A


Double 5/8 Special Antenna + 5D coax (25 M)   SOLD

Slim jim antenna (rewired at the feed point)


Toesu BC100 Base Antenna  SOLD

All item COD only...
Location : Penang

Reason Of Sale : Moving... need to reduce item and need some $$$ :)

Further infoCall my henfon : o12 462 nine 88 nine

Got few Ham Radio items for sale...

Icom IC-V8000 VHF Transceiver (2 unit, 1 booked)
Siam Made Power Supply 30A

Double 5/8 Special Antenna + 5D coax (25 M)
Slim jim antenna (rewired at the feed point)
Toesu BC100 Base Antenna

All item COD only...
Location : Penang

Reason Of Sale : Moving... need to reduce item and need some $$$ :)

Further infoCall my henfon : o12 462 nine 88 nine

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My APRS Station

Just to inform my mobile APRS setup has been taken down for maintenance.. so 9w2acy-9 will be off the air for awhile.. currently using EZTRAK by E20GMY. new setup will be put up using OT2+Garmin Nuvi 350 n Icom V8000/Chapalang Handy MT777... some setup still needed.. hopefully it will be up soon... will post more on the OT2+Garmin Nuvi setup later with some guide n reference form the Net...

till then.. c u all frthr dwn the log, 73

de 9W2ACY

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ham Radio Still Popular In The iPad Era

Ham Radio Still Popular In The iPad Era

When All Else Fail.. There's Ham Radio...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Penang Amateur Radio Field Day

Penang Amateur Radio Field Day
Date:        Saturday, July 17th, 2010
Time:       7.00 am until 7.00 pm
Location: Rest Area on top of Jalan Tun Sardon
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.017  E100 15.129
HF Amateur Radio Field Operation, mini-ARDF (fun) hunt, picnic and eyeball session.

If you wish to join this activity, please contact the following persons below:
( We need to plan for the food and beverages )

1. Peter Lim - 9W2PET
2. KC Lim - 9M2LC
3. David Yeoh - 9M2PX

News From Musang

Monday, June 14, 2010

Antenna 101 Training & Sharing

Dear All,
Good day to you,
We would like to invite you guys to joining our Antenna 101 Training & Sharing. Pls send in your Registration in asap and we are welcome All the Hams & SWL to attend... TQ
Also help to send out this massage to all the members and who are interest to attend.

Full Name: ?
Tel: ?

Date: 20 June 10
Time: 1400Hrs (2.00pm) to 1700Hrs (5.00pm)
Location: St John HQ

Introduction to Antenna Information required for antenna design.
Antenna basics , Design & Tuning.
Antenna Categories and How antenna is made.
Representative antenna development cycle.
Design capability and Limitations.

Pls try to make yourself free and attend our Sharing..
Remarks: Pls respond A.S.A.P...

Further info pls contact :
Daniel (9W2DCY)

73, de 9W2ACY

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

KOMTAR Tower Run Comm Aid

Dear all friends received email from Penang MARTS' R.A.C.E.S regarding the KOMTAR Tower Run Comm Aid. For Registration pls send to daniel below complete information in asap...

Dont last min....TQ

Full Name:??
Contact no:??

Duty Location: Kontar Tower
Duty Date: 05 June 10 (Saturday)
Duty Time: 7.00am - 11.00am
Breakfast provide
Uniform: RACES T-Shirt or any Ametuer Radio T-Shirt
Min need 25 Hams...

Meeting location: Komtar May Bank
Meeting Time: 6.00am ~ 6.30am
Briefing Date: 03 June 10 (Thursday)
Briefing Time: 8.30pm ~ 10.00am

Duty Frq : 1) 9M2RKL (439.600 MHz ; Offset: -5.000 MHz ; CTCSS: 103.5 Hz ) To be confirm
               2) 9M4RPP (439.525 MHz ; Offset: -5.000 MHz ; CTCSS: 203.5 Hz)
               3) Simplex 430.525 MHz (Senbang Frq)
               4) Simplex 430.200 MHz (Emergency Frq)

Remarks: Pls respond once you receive my email..TQ

012 - 427 8030

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ARDF event


Date : Sunday morning 23rd May 2010
Time : 10.00 am until 11.30 am
Venue: Open field besides Jalan Berjaya/Jalan Brother James
GPS Coordinates: N5.43030 E100.30819
To introduce ARDF to amateurs who are new to this sport and want to more about the ARDF sport. This will also create opportunity for those who want to practice or test out their ARDF antennas/equipment. The fox beacons will be supplied by 9M2LC for this occasion. ARDF hunting equipment will be on display for those present to try out and familiarise with their performances.
Please contact me to let me know if you are coming for this event.
My email :
Future events:
1. Workshop sessions.
2. Field test clinic.
3. Trial Fox hunts.
4. Penang ARDF Open Competition.

73 de 9M2LC

via.. 9w2acy

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Handy Talkie...

I have 1 handy talkie to let go. if any1 interested can contact me thru email for more detail.

Handy sold to a nice gentleman....


New From Yaesu - VX8GR

(PIC from

Looks kinda interesting. Maybe trading my FT60R n get this 1. hehehe... hermm... it just may be... but who know.. if i ever buy this handytalkie... then it will be my last. Hopefully. Here the Spec of this new model :

Spec from

Monday, April 19, 2010

World Amateur Radio Day 2010

Eventhough its a bit late... but

Each year on 18 April, radio amateurs celebrate World Amateur Radio Day. On that day in 1925 the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) was founded. In 2010, the theme of the event is "Amateur Radio: Combining communication experience with modern digital techniques."
Amateur radio has truly entered the 21st Century. In less than 100 years amateur radio communications has evolved from crude spark-gap technology to digital signal processing and software-defined radios. The amateur's HF choice between voice and CW has been expanded to a broad range of communication choices from television to spread spectrum.
Amateur digital communications has evolved. At the end of World War II until the early 1980's, radioteletype, also known as RTTY, was the only HF digital mode available to amateurs. In the 1980's, AMTOR made its debut along with the increased popularity and availability of personal computers. AMTOR was the first amateur digital communication mode to offer error-free text transmission.

Read More Here...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

APRS Talk at MalFreeMaps Mapping Seminar

Hi all.. FYI, MalFreeMaps are going to have a talk on mapping for gps. they also invite Hams to talk about APRS. so any of u guys wanna join the event do come. the particulars are :

Venue: N5 09.923 E100 29.873 (ILP Nibong Tebal)
Time: 10am till 2pm++
Date: 10th April - Confirm

If u have MFM id pls pin your name on the thread at their forum. registration is not compulsory but it is better to know how many r turning up.

Monday, March 1, 2010

APRS in Penang

Aprs activity in recently... eventhough not much station actively on aprs, but it is growing...


hope to c more station coming on this mode n later more area in aprs will be explored including the messaging part... c u further down the log...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

9w2acy-9 on aprs

Apa habaq rakan2 HAM ku.. la ni aku mula berkecimpung dalam experiment APRS plak.. buat masa ni hanya menggunakan tracker APRS dari Paul (E20GJW). Buat masa ni kalau aku mobile boleh lah track di  Kalau ada yang berminat boleh join group APRS Malaysia di :

setup aprs :
Handy 5w power
No brand GPS (come with the kit)
Junction Box©® : 9w2woc

 Nih tracker nya... Ez-Trak
Ni GPS nya..
(Pic courtesy from : 9w2woc )

nih aku sedang bergerak di sekitar georgetown...

itu sahaja buat kali ini.. aku akan update lagi di masa depan...
73 de 9W2ACY...

Friday, February 12, 2010


Gong Xi Fatt Choy... Happy Chinese New Year to all fellow Ham that celebrating it... to others... selamat bercuti, berhati-hati memandu...

Friday, January 22, 2010

RAE and CW Test Notification

SKMM has announce the first for 2010 series of RAE N CW Test. For further info pls klik the link.

RAE 2010-1 n CW 2010-1

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is APRS...

Document version: 8.5.3 (10 year anniversary update)
Document dated:   18 Sept 2002 (Previous version was 1 Mar 2000)
Author(s):        Bob Bruninga,
Home page:  or

APRS is a real-time tactical digital communicatons protocol for exchanging
information between a large number of stations covering a large (local)
area.  As a multi-user data network, it is quite different from 
conventional packet radio.

APRS is different from regular packet in four ways.  First by the 
integration of maps and other data displays to organize and display 
data, second, by using a one-to-many protocol to update everyone in real 
time, third, by using generic digipeating so that prior knowledge of the
network is not required,  AND FORTH, since 1997, a worldwide transparent   
internet backbone, linking everyone worldwide.  APRS turns packet radio 
into a real-time tactical communications and display system for emergencies 
and public service applications (and global communications).  Normal 
packet radio is useful in passing bulk message traffic (Email) from point-
to-point, but it does not do well at real time events where information 
has a very short life time and needs to get to everyone quickly.

APRS is a LOCAL RF network.  Although the Internet monitors APRS worldwide,
this is not the primary objective.  But like all of our other radios, how 
we use APRS in an emergency of special event is what drives the design of 
the APRS protocol.  Although APRS is used 99% of the time over great 
distances, and benign conditions, the protocol is designed to be optimized 
for short distance real-time crisis operations on RF.

APRS provides universal connectivity to all stations in the net by avoiding
the complexity and limitations of a connected network.  It permits 
any number of stations to exchange data just like voice users would on a 
voice net.  Any station that has information to contribute simply sends
it, and all stations receive it and log it.  Secondly, APRS recognizes 
that one of the greatest real-time needs at any special event or emergency 
is the tracking of key assets.  Where is the Event Leader?  Where are the 
emergency vehicles?  Whats the Weather at various points in the County?  

To answer these questions, APRS transmits and captures the location and 
status of all stations.  It can be used over any 2-way radio system 
including HAM, CB, Marine Band, etc.  See CB.txt,  Boats.txt, Aircraft.txt.

More Reading Click Here

Monday, January 18, 2010


Soon will try APRS. setup is now on the way. getting a tracker from the land of hotel sierra. i might connect to my first bought handy that is now put to rest for quite a while. soon it will serve as the main setup for my APRS that will carry my call 9W2ACY-9. So do keep track on me on

until later... cu all further down the log...

73 de 9w2acy

Saturday, January 2, 2010

DELL Latitude D505 untuk dijual

aku nk jual laptop aku... dell latitude d505. ram upgraded to 1.2g win vista business activated. ada serial port... sapa mau? Sila letak harga dan cara nak kontek anda di ruangan komen...

Intel Pentium M 1.60Ghz
Memory 1.2GB(1GB + 256MB ) (upgraded from 512MB)
Win Vista Business