Monday, March 30, 2009

Volunteers for May 2nd ARDF Event

Dear al frens, now looking for volunteer for upcoming ARDF event in Penang. All are invited to volunteer. More info pls go to


Saturday, March 28, 2009

RAE opening for registration

Dear all frens, SKMM now opening registration for RAE detail as below

Examination Date & Time
24 June 2009
at 2:00 PM

Closing Date
17 April 2009
at 5:00 PM

MOre Details Klik Here
Application Form Download Here

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Frill Fox Hunt, Kebun Bunga, Penang MY

Here some pic at the hunt... well it was quite fun with new members joining in the hunt.. i also can brush up some direction finding skills... there will be more trining in the future as inform by the fox master. At the end of this month there will be an antenna workshop and then follow with a fun/trining hunt... updates can be view from

Before hunt...

During Hunt...

After hunt...

Friday, March 6, 2009

ARDF Training Hunt

Got this in my email this morning... so let brush up our hunting skills...

Hi fellow hunters,
There will be a
No Frills ARDF Training Hunt on this coming Sunday 8th Morning.

Date : Sunday Morning . 8th March 2009.
Time : 9:00 am
Venue : Botanical Gardens, Penang. Meet up at the car park next to Kraft Batik Sdn Bhd.
Mode : VHF F2A
Freq. : 144.5/144.8 MHz

Note : This is a no frills hunt. Bring your own drinks and hunting equipment.

  • Let the foxes out for fresh air after being in hibernation through the winter period.
  • To test and calibrate new hunting equipments.
  • Re-evaluate the two or three difficult fox dens which had been giving much difficulties in the past hunts.
  • Opportunity for new comers to try out ARDF under non-competition conditions. (Chance to have hands-on feel in this radiosport)
Please inform others who are not in the email listing.

73 de 9M2LC