Friday, January 22, 2010

RAE and CW Test Notification

SKMM has announce the first for 2010 series of RAE N CW Test. For further info pls klik the link.

RAE 2010-1 n CW 2010-1

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is APRS...

Document version: 8.5.3 (10 year anniversary update)
Document dated:   18 Sept 2002 (Previous version was 1 Mar 2000)
Author(s):        Bob Bruninga,
Home page:  or

APRS is a real-time tactical digital communicatons protocol for exchanging
information between a large number of stations covering a large (local)
area.  As a multi-user data network, it is quite different from 
conventional packet radio.

APRS is different from regular packet in four ways.  First by the 
integration of maps and other data displays to organize and display 
data, second, by using a one-to-many protocol to update everyone in real 
time, third, by using generic digipeating so that prior knowledge of the
network is not required,  AND FORTH, since 1997, a worldwide transparent   
internet backbone, linking everyone worldwide.  APRS turns packet radio 
into a real-time tactical communications and display system for emergencies 
and public service applications (and global communications).  Normal 
packet radio is useful in passing bulk message traffic (Email) from point-
to-point, but it does not do well at real time events where information 
has a very short life time and needs to get to everyone quickly.

APRS is a LOCAL RF network.  Although the Internet monitors APRS worldwide,
this is not the primary objective.  But like all of our other radios, how 
we use APRS in an emergency of special event is what drives the design of 
the APRS protocol.  Although APRS is used 99% of the time over great 
distances, and benign conditions, the protocol is designed to be optimized 
for short distance real-time crisis operations on RF.

APRS provides universal connectivity to all stations in the net by avoiding
the complexity and limitations of a connected network.  It permits 
any number of stations to exchange data just like voice users would on a 
voice net.  Any station that has information to contribute simply sends
it, and all stations receive it and log it.  Secondly, APRS recognizes 
that one of the greatest real-time needs at any special event or emergency 
is the tracking of key assets.  Where is the Event Leader?  Where are the 
emergency vehicles?  Whats the Weather at various points in the County?  

To answer these questions, APRS transmits and captures the location and 
status of all stations.  It can be used over any 2-way radio system 
including HAM, CB, Marine Band, etc.  See CB.txt,  Boats.txt, Aircraft.txt.

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Monday, January 18, 2010


Soon will try APRS. setup is now on the way. getting a tracker from the land of hotel sierra. i might connect to my first bought handy that is now put to rest for quite a while. soon it will serve as the main setup for my APRS that will carry my call 9W2ACY-9. So do keep track on me on

until later... cu all further down the log...

73 de 9w2acy

Saturday, January 2, 2010

DELL Latitude D505 untuk dijual

aku nk jual laptop aku... dell latitude d505. ram upgraded to 1.2g win vista business activated. ada serial port... sapa mau? Sila letak harga dan cara nak kontek anda di ruangan komen...

Intel Pentium M 1.60Ghz
Memory 1.2GB(1GB + 256MB ) (upgraded from 512MB)
Win Vista Business