Friday, May 15, 2009


Well its all started with what happen recently. When an OT said that he's pulling the big swtich forever because of what is happening around the scene... i admit that what he said is true. but no one ever care bout it. he who's love this hobby so much have talk bout it for quite some time. but no one had paid attention. however allmost all of us (new ham) started the bobby the wrong way... but some of us lucky that found the right path and stay on it... still many are going the wrong way even though the right path is just a step forward... almost all of us that into this hobby because they got the wrong impression or the wrong information what is ham radio. even myself at first thought that ham radio is just talking with walkie talkie... them with the help of uncle google n granpa yahoo... more n more bout the truth is found. after read alot from various source i fall in love with this hobby. not because i can talk with fren using walkie talkie.. its all because the knowledge that has in it... all the fun u can have with it.. well... to the OT.. i respect to your decision. i know it is hard make the decision. i hope u'll come back to the air... i will try to call u on 40 meter after i got the ticket. when... time will tell...

73 de 9w2acy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Penang ARDF Event - Completed

The event has successfully completed. I was assign to be the Fox No.5 or MO5. It has been a good event eventhough only small participant but it is a quite tough to find all the fox. What's important is the friendship that has build among the crew n participant n more knowledges has been shared.

The event started at around 8.30 with the registration of participant. we the foxes we sent away earlier to our fox den n prepared the fox. i was located in the botanical garden. It as a tricky place as hunter passing by but still cant located the fox. However that place will never be a fox den again. as hunter already knew about it. in the future event new den will be choose.

Later the event finish at around 12.00p.m. with all the foxes n hunter gather at the finish line. Then I parted with the other event crew n join the foxes for a lunch. The other crew n participant went to McD fur their lunch as I n the V60 Foxes went to have our nasi n kari ikan bawal. Tok Penghulu V60 also went to pick up our Beloved elmer Pak Eshee to join us at the lunch. Thank you Pak Eshee for joining us. After had a good lunch n a good lough we then parted at around 2.00pm to our home.

Thats all from me,
TNX 73 de 9w2acy

p/s: Due to i leaving the place earlier i didn't have the result. Just wait for the Fox Master to post up the result at the
Some pic at the event