Monday, August 17, 2009

Recent Malacca Fox Hunt

THis is from the Musang...

" Hi fellow hunters ...

The recent Malacca Fox Hunt held at "Taman Rekreasi Ayer Keroh, Malacca" was a great success!
Congratulations to the Malacca organisers, helpers and participants in making this event a reality.

To make it more exciting, new items were introduced into the local (Malacca) scene.
Like ...
1. Linear Run direction ... The "Start" and "Finish" no longer be at the same place.
2. Electronic Tagging ... Trial run using electronic tagging so that we can find out the time of arrival at each beacon.
3. Homing beacon ... This beacon transmits on separate frequency to guide hunters to the "Finish" line.
4. Staggered batch release at "Start" point.
5. Horizontal polarisation ... Use of Turnstile antennas.

Even with these introductions, we are still far from the international ARDF expectations BUT we are getting there.
We need to share our know-how, in order to further improve ARDF activities in the local scene and introduce it to
the others. ( Hope hams know how to communicate! )

The write-up and results are available at ...

The pictures are available at ...

[ Please forward to others you know, thanks ... ]

Happy viewing.

73 de 9M2LC "

Friday, August 14, 2009

RAE 1-2009 Result

Congratulation to all who has passed the exam. those who didn't pass try again in the next Exam. now u guys can start fill up forms n pick your callsign...

RAE 1-2009 Result

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Malaysian Light House Weekend.. Fort Cornwallis Light House..

As the title... i drop by at Fort Cornwallis Light house to join fellow ham there. There we're few station there. Had a chit- chat with them. Even though it was raining all day, they still keep on dxing.. keep up the good works guys. See u all again next weekend on International Light House Weekend. Will be drop by to support. Here's some pic taken during my drop...

the Shack

me at the shack

9W2DOZ at the shack

the VHF rig

the Light house control room (where the shack located)

the light house tower (sorry that the best i can do...)

(p.s. : more pic will upload tonight.. but no promise...)